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Vancouver, Canada

Conference, Spring 2018


Code & Coffee presents

Conf & Coffee

Conf & Coffee is a full-weekend, community-focused conference by and for the Vancouver tech scene. Web, mobile, UI/UX, blockchain, VR, functional programming, startups: it's all fair game!

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Do you want to carve out some creative code time where you can work on your projects without anybody looking over your shoulder or wondering when you'll be finished with that feature? Or maybe there's a language or technology that you've really wanted to try but haven't found the time to? Do yourself a favor and come out to Conf & Coffee where you can sit down and code to your heart's content on whatever project you bring! Whatever the language or level, show up.

Conf & Coffee is an expansion of Code & Coffee's community stage, with more talks, a more in-depth track, deeper workshops. If you're interested in speaking, fill out the form. If you're interested in sponsoring, drop us a line at conf-sponsor@robotoverlord.io.

Please note that Conf & Coffee foxed on craft and is not a recruiting event


Talks & panels

30- and 60-minute talks on a variety of topics at a variety of levels. plus panels from local industry leaders and people doing pushing the envelope. 


Hands-on workshops

Learn a language, framework, or design principle in 2-, 4-, and full day workshops! Come away with a project that you can continue working on, extending, and collaborate with other attendees.


Learn & experiment

Carve out some time to work on a side project, get help on something that you're stuck on, or get inspired to try something new!



What Code & Coffee about at its core: meet others from the local tech scene, see what they're working with, working on, and get to know some amazing people!

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Downtown Vancouver

I am never so happy as when I am really engaged in good earnest, & it makes me must wonderfully cheerful & merry at other times, which is curious & very satisfactory.
— Ada Lovelace

What is Code & Coffee?

The conference's parent event is "Code & Coffee", a monthly series of wide-ranging talks by and for the Vancouver tech community, and a space for people to work on personal projects and find collaborators. People have always asked for "exactly this, but more of it." Conf & Coffee is just that: the Code & Coffee Conference, over two days of talks, workshops, panels, and more!


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