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Conference & Coffee

April 14 & 15, 2018

Vancouver, Canada


Code & Coffee presents

Conf & Coffee

Conf & Coffee is a full-weekend, community-focused conference by and for the Vancouver tech scene. Web, mobile, UI/UX, blockchain, functional programming, startups, language introductions, and more!


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JavaScript: The weird and not-so-weird parts

David Luecke, @daffl

Ever wondered what the deal is with this? Why is ('' == false) true? What does typeof null return? In this talk we will go over some of the language weirdness of JavaScript and how the latest language features can help make things less weird.

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning in JavaScript

David Luecke, @daffl

Ever wanted to create your own Siri? In this talk I'll give a brief introduction into machine learning and how to use it for natural language processing all in the browser using JavaScript.


What Makes a Great Developer

Kalv Sandhu, @kalv

What qualities make a great developer? It turns out that it's more than being able to code.


Working Backwards: Outcomes & Goals

James Doyle, @james2doyle

Over the last year, I have been working on some pretty complicated projects. These projects require very accurate planning and technical requirements. We are also working with MVPs, so you need to understand what is minimal and what is viable. I am going to share a new process that I have been working on to help you nail your requirements more quickly and with higher accuracy.

Learn to Draw with CSS

Alicja Raszkowska, @mamrotynka

 If CSS is so easy, why is it so hard? Last year I started exploring CSS as a tool for drawing - I wanted to learn how to draw and get more comfortable with CSS. Turns out you can do a lot with box-shadows, borders and gradients - and you can learn a lot while exploring them.


Getting Started with Elm 

💻 Workshop

Brian Holt, @bholtbholt

A hands-on introduction to Elm, a purely functional front-end language that has inspired frameworks such as React, Redux, and more.


Good, cheap coffee at home with the Aeropress

☕ Coffee

Ivar Vasara, @ivarv

Love espresso but don't want to drop $500+ on a machine? In this mini tutorial I'll go over the two popular methods of how to use the Aeropress (a cheap(ish) - ~$40 brewing device)


Switching to Elixir for Fun and Profit

📈 Experience Report

Paul Ruescher, @paulruescher

Ever wondered about Elixir  and Phoenix but not sure that it's worth your team's time? In this talk I will share our experiences rewriting a production Node app in Phoenix in under a week (as a skunkworks project). Included in this talk are thoughts on the developer experience, performance improvements, and production load test results.


Building a React Component Library

📈 Experience Report

Leonardo Faria, @leozera

I will share my challenges and wins building a components library in my work


10 Mistakes You’ll Make as a New Lead

Bryant D. Jones, @sprybry

This is a talk for new leaders and managers intended to give concrete tools the audience can incorporate into daily practice. It’s impossible to give a definition of “leadership” without being so broad as to be useless. The talk starts by asking another question: what are the symptoms of poor leadership? This talk draws from my years of experience leading teams as a Senior Software Developer, Product Manager, and now Lead Designer at various video game development studios.


Typing a LISP

Jim Duey, @toccata_lang

Many practitioners of Functional Programming consider static typing a prerequisite. At the same time, there's a large population of programmers who prefer the flexibility of dynamic typing. This talk descibes a LISP dialect with a type system intended to give as many benefits of static typing as possible while preserving the flexibility of dynamic typing. This type system is Gradual, Algebraic and Dependent. A brief definition of each of these concepts will be illustrated with code showing how each improves the software creation process.


Coffee 100: The Science of Coffee

☕ Coffee

Christopher Rogers, @cp_rodgers

An hour long presentation which explains what happens during the brewing process, by coffee professional from Elysian Coffee (@ElysianCoffee)

Sourcing Coffee

☕ Coffee

Christopher Rogers, @cp_rodgers

Ever wondered how your coffee get to you? What's the difference between beans and regions anyway? Find out from a professional who know all the ins and outs!


Functional Object-Oriented Design in Ruby

Alex Taylor, @mctaylorpants

Functional versus object-oriented: which should you pick? Why not both? Both paradigms offer powerful ways of working with your data and solving problems. Combining the two can be an elegant way of building web applications. In this talk, I'll cover the philosophy behind the FOOD (mmm, food) approach, and provide some examples of applying functional object-oriented design in Ruby.


Build and Code with Raspberry Pi

💻 Workshop

Christopher Harrold, @charrold303

Getting started with coding can be tough. I work with many people who want to get a handle on building something and have a hard time getting past the overwhelming amount of ways to get started. The solution I have found that helps the most is to identify something simple which would make some sort of (even trivial) impact on your day/week/month and build that thing. By having attendees build something that can be useful they get to see that the personal side of this journey is the most motivating part, AND they come away with something they can use that they built.


Event Sourcing Made Simple

Philippe Creux, @pcreux

With event sourcing, every change happening to your data is persisted and applied to the current state of the world. This actionable history enables you to know how we got there, simplify fixing bugs, perform side effects, restore lost data, share events and transfer states to other services. About a year ago we’ve decided to use Event Sourcing patterns to build Drip and can’t be more happy with that choice. We’ve built a small Event Sourcing framework in Ruby that runs on Rails and makes building Events, Aggregates, Calculators and Reactors a breeze. In this talk, I will introduce the concept of event sourcing, go over the benefits and trade-offs, illustrate the mechanics by showcasing the minimal Event Sourcing framework we use and share some “ah ha” and “eh?” moment we experienced.


Learn Elixir & Build a Real Time Chat App

💻 Workshop

Brooklyn Zelenka, @expede

Elixir is developing a wide audience, thanks to its friendly syntax, pragmatic ecosystem, and supportive community. It's a great way to get OO and imperative teams interested in functional programming. Elixir (and Erlang) are known for their soft-realtime features, but a lot of people are afraid of the core libraries such as GenServer due to their unfamiliarity.

This workshop is designed to get absolute Elixir beginners familiar with Elixir, how to interact with the ecosystem, understand the actor model, and work with the core libraries such as GenServer. Participants will get up and running with Elixir basics, understand actor model, and support libraries in Elixir. We will build a fully distributed CLI chat app with little beyond the core libraries, and have the class interact using it.

Blockchain Ground Zero

🗣️ Panel

  • Chelsea Palmer, @IMmsGNU

  • Boris Mann, @bmann

  • Dan Merino, @danmerino

  • Taylor Singleton-Fookes

  • and others

A moderated panel discussion of blockchain technology from people currently working in the area. Ever wondered why cryptocurrencies are so hot right now? Why use IPFS instead of a database server? What are the practical non-financial applications? Find out at the blockchain panel.



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What is Code & Coffee?

The conference's parent event is "Code & Coffee", a monthly series of wide-ranging talks by and for the Vancouver tech community, and a space for people to work on personal projects and find collaborators. People have always asked for "exactly this, but more of it." Conf & Coffee is just that: the Code & Coffee Conference, over two days of talks, workshops, panels, and more!


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